CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture

Fall 2018

Patrick Cozzi

University of Pennsylvania
Computer Graphics @ Penn

University of Pennsylvania

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Final Projects


Final Projects are an oppurtunity for students to combine what they learned during the semester to add something new and unique to the GPU community! For inspiration, see last years projects here.

Ishan Ranade
Salaar Kohari
Real Time Fluid Simulation using Tall Cells
Bowen YangMultigrid Material Point Method on GPU
Yu Sun3D Descriptor for Object Recognition with CUDA
Ziad Ben Hadj-Alouane
Lian Dugan
Henry Zhu
RTX-Explore: Interactive DXR Path Tracer
Hannah Bollar
Eric Chiu
Odin - gpujs crowd simulation
Emily Vo
Alexander Chan
Hybrid Raytracing with Dynamic Scenes using CUDA and OpenGL
Connie Chang
Anantha Srinivas
Photon Mapping implemented using DXR
Angelina RisiCUDA Accelerated VLSI Circuit Modelling
Zichuan Yu
Xinyu Lin
Advanced Hybrid Ray-Raster Render Engine in Vulkan
Edward Atter
Siyu Zheng
Yan Wu
Locust: Distributed Map Reduce with GPU Acceleration
Yichen Shou
Jie Meng
Fusion: GPU Accelerated PBD Simulator for Unity
Vasu Mahesh
Zach Corse
Ju Yang
PDB Cloth Simulation with Contact Caching for Games
Xiao Zhang
Lan Lou
Wave Particles with Interactive Vortices
Yuru Wang
Wanru Zhao
GPU Rasterized and Ray Traced Real Time Rendering Using WebGL